Finished fire pit

DIY Fire Pit Project

Since our last camping trip was a short one, I decided to bring the camping life to my backyard. Time to build a fire pit!

Step 1: take a lay of the land and find the right spot.

The right fire pit location

Found it!

Step 2: assess the materials available.

Bricks or stones?

Fire pit options - bricks that match our house

Stones were closer to the desired fire pit location. ¬†They also don’t require as much precision.

Fire pit options - stones that are close to the desire fire pit location

Stones it is!

Step 3: dig out the topsoil

breaking ground for the fire pit

breaking ground for the fire pit
Champ poses for a pic. That looks like a great way to lose a toe!

Step 4: lay out the stones

placing stones for the fire ring

Step 5: add gravel for better drainage

adding gravel to the fire pit for drainage

Behold! The finished product!

Finished fire pit

Finished fire pit nice and far away from the house

I’m so pleased with this. It cost me 30 minutes of labor and $9.26 for the gravel.

Step 6: build a fire!

First fire! #firepit

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First fire in the new fire pit

Letting my 9th grade boys’ small group break in the new pit.

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