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FNCampers at Sylamore Creek

Sylamore Creek with the #FNCampers

Champ and I spent two days at Sylamore Creek near Mountain View, AR with several families who have started camping together. We call ourselves the #FNCampers.

We kayaked, fished, ziplined and rockclimbed, ate awesome food, and most importantly built campfire memories with some of our dearest friends.

Here’s an Insta-recap via Storify.

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FNCampers at Sylamore Creek

Petit Jean with the #FNCampers

Two weeks after our Lake DeGray trip, we did an overnighter at Petit Jean with the FNCampers. This time Ines joined the fun!

It was yet another freezing weekend, but thankfully dry and sunny. We had to leave after breakfast Saturday morning and missed out on some awesome hiking in perfect weather. But a little time spent in the mountains is better than no time spent in the mountains.

Here’s an Insta-recap via Storify.

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Making s'mores at Lake DeGray

Lake DeGray with the #FNCampers

The popup revolution began in February when the Slaton’s bought an old camper followed shortly by the Vias buying an old camper (and then a new one). Champ and I spent three days at Lake DeGray with the Slatons and Vias … the original #FNCampers.

It was the coldest camping trip any of us had been on, but thanks to a warm campfire and awesome company none of us noticed (too much).

Here’s an Insta-recap via Storify.

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$14 DIY cargo shelf for Chevy Trailblazer

Lately I’ve been yearning for the great outdoors and looking for ways to improve the car camping experience in my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer EXT. I’ve slept in the back with an air mattress a few times which has been ok, but the most rear section has a 3″ drop that makes the mattress slope down beneath your knees and feet. Not optimal.

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