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Churches, Cultures and Leadership

 Author: Mark Branson  Category: Christian Church Leadership  Publisher: IVP Academic  Published: 2011  Buy Now

As the church continues to hear and heed Christ’s call to reflect the multiethnic character of his people, pastors, and lay leaders need to gain skills and competencies to serve in those contexts. The multicultural team of Juan Martinez and Mark Branson has written this book to equip such leaders to create environments that make God’s reconciling initiatives apparent in church life and in our missional engagement with neighborhoods and cities. Generated by courses they teach at Fuller Theological Seminary, Branson and Martinez take an interdisciplinary approach that integrates biblical and theological study with the disciplines of sociology, cultural anthropology, and communications. The result is a rich blend of astute analysis with guidance for the practical implementation of a deeper intercultural life for the church. Case studies, Bible studies, and exercises for personal reflection and classroom use connect the real-life and everyday challenges that inevitably arise in multi-ethnic contexts. Martinez and Branson offer not a static model but a praxis of “paying attention,” reflection, and study that can lead to genuine reconciliation and shared life empowered by the gospel that is personal, interpersonal, cultural, and structural.

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