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Profit Without Oppression

- A Blueprint for Building An Antiracist Organization
 Author: Kim Crayton  Category: Business & Organizational Learning  Publisher: Future Is Free Publishing  Published: 2023  Buy Now

EVERY PART of our current political, social, and economic systems, institutions, and policies are rooted in oppression. They require domination, theft, dishonesty, intolerance, and the harming of others as a fuel to operate and are designed to discourage and even crush any challenge.

As we face our uncertain future, some understand that systems, institutions, and policies designed to oppress are not only unethical and immoral but also unsustainable. The flaws that inherently exist when exclusion is the business model are increasingly being highlighted globally.

In the book Profit Without Oppression: A Blueprint for Building an Antiracist Organization, Kim Crayton, The Antiracist Economist, unapologetically identifies the systems, institutions, and policies that privilege the few while excluding and harming the many. This book charts an inclusionary strategic path forward that seeks to develop an economic ethos and series of business models that are supremacy-, coercion-, discrimination-, and exploitation-free.

Profit Without Oppression is an economic theory based on the understanding that to advance in ways where harm is not treated as a necessary “cost of doing business,” we must forge an entirely new path that leads to a supremacy-, coercion-, discrimination-, and exploitation-free future.

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