The eleventh hour of our departure

Just a few months ago I was focused on selling furniture and whatnot on Craigslist and Facebook. Man, time has flown by! With our departure date getting closer and closer, each week flies by faster than the last. We’re about to spend the last night in our home of the last 6.5 years. Tomorrow the moving trailer arrives and all the stuff we’ve been feverishly packing the last couple of weeks will be loaded up and travel ahead of us to Pasadena, CA. I’m glad this packing phase of our journey is coming to an end. Continue reading The eleventh hour of our departure

Champ strikes a skater pose

Longboarding – a new hobby at age 41

After the Woolly Hollow camping trip which was filled with hours of my son riding Jacob’s longboard skateboard, I decided to buy him one. And right after his board came in the mail, a friend gave us another one so now both of us have one! Yup! I’m 41 years old and just started skateboarding again.

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