Boost Productivity: 5 Essential Todoist Hacks for Better Organization

Boost Productivity: 5 Essential Todoist Hacks for Better Organization

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Why is Todoist the Best To-Do List App?

Imagine life as a juggling act, with tasks spinning around us like plates on sticks. But here’s the thing: we don’t have to keep all those plates spinning at once. Many tasks can wait for another day, allowing us to conserve our mental energy and focus on what truly matters today.

Enter Todoist. This cross-platform task management app is my go-to recommendation for friends with a lot on their plate. It helps individuals and teams organize their to-do lists, set priorities, and track progress. With advanced scheduling options, customizable projects, and collaborative features, this productivity tool ensures you can set several plates down and pick up just one when it’s time.

As I’ve posted before, I’ve been a Todoist user since April 2021. From the get-go, I loved the app so much that I immediately upgraded to the paid version. It stands out from other to-do apps with its innovative natural language processing (NLP) feature. With this functionality, task entry becomes as simple as jotting down a note to yourself, creating a seamless and intuitive user experience that sets it apart from the rest.

Todoist task manager showing today's tasks that are due

5 Ways To Organize Your Life With Todoist 

1. Put the Spinning Plates Down: Using the Today Filter

Managing tasks can often feel overwhelming, but Todoist’s ‘Today’ filter allows you to focus on what’s important now. Forget about tomorrow’s tasks (for now) and prioritize your current responsibilities without feeling lost in the chaos of future obligations. It’s AI-driven filters tailor views based on criteria like due dates and priorities, ensuring you prioritize what’s important now. Interested in what’s coming up? Look at the Upcoming filter. But just don’t let all the tasks in your to-do app bear the same weight as the ones you have to do today.

2. Outsmart Forgetfulness with Recurring Reminders

We’ve all experienced those forgetful moments—missing street sweeping day or forgetting to take out the trash. Let Todoist handle the heavy lifting with recurring reminders. From personal experience, I’ve discovered the game-changing power of setting recurring reminders, especially after a few too many parking tickets. Ouch!

Simply type “Move car to other side of street every Tuesday“, and the app will schedule that weekly reminder based on the phrase “every Tuesday.” You can be more specific and indicate the time you want the task due. “Move the car to other side of street every Tuesday at 9pm.” Phrases like “every week”, “on Tuesdays”, a specific date and/or time, etc. tell the AI what it needs to know to intelligently create a task that is due when you need the reminder. Whether establishing new habits or tackling irregular tasks, Todoist’s AI-driven reminders make task management a breeze.  

3. Grocery Shopping Made Simple: Share Your List

Forget solo shopping trips and endless texting about forgotten items. With Todoist, grocery shopping becomes a team effort. Seamlessly collaborate on a shared grocery list with your spouse or roommate. No more back-and-forth messages; just add what you need to the list, and you’re good to go. Todoist ensures you’re always stocked up, making shopping efficient and stress-free.

4. Avoiding Sneaky Charges: Cancel That Free Membership

Similar to tip #2, scheduling tasks for specific dates to cancel a trial membership has been incredibly helpful. Set a reminder to cancel that free trial just before it starts charging your card. Whether it is avoiding unexpected charges or staying savvy with subscription prices, Todoist keeps you one step ahead, ensuring your finances stay in check.

5. Teamwork Simplified: Shared Project Spaces

Keeping track of who is doing what can be challenging when working with a team. Todoist’s shared project spaces streamline this collaboration. Whether it’s a work project or organizing a party, Todoist allows you to spread the responsibilities and keep everyone on the same page. Teamwork gets a boost of organization helping everyone stay on track.

How do you manage all the things?

If you’re trying to tame your to-do list, let Todoist guide you to a more organized and stress-free life. Your future self will thank you. You can use Todoist for free and likely get what you want. I liked it so much from the start that I became a paid user immediately. Paid users get more projects and collaborators, larger uploads, etc.

Share your organizational tips in the comments below and let me know how they help you stay organized and productive.

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