My Intro to Minecraft

The sun sets behind our new house in Minecraft

My son started playing Minecraft a couple of years ago, and because he didn’t fully get what he was supposed to do I totally didn’t get it. Thankfully, he moved on to FIFA Mobile and Pokemon so it was no big deal. Lately, he’s been getting R E A L L Y into Minecraft again, but this time he knows what he’s supposed to do. It’s been going on for weeks now so finally tonight I logged in as my own player, and we built a house together. Well…he built a house, and I tried not to accidentally destroy his work while moving around trying to get a good view. 

My Intro to Minecraft

Here is the play-by-play of our house so far from start to finish. I’m super impressed with his creativity and look forward to more Minecraft projects with him. Bonus points for how hilarious it is to hear him laugh at me for being such a noob!

minecraft 1984

minecraft 1985

minecraft 1986

minecraft 1987

minecraft 1988

minecraft 1989

minecraft 1990

minecraft 1991

minecraft 1992

minecraft 1993

minecraft 1994

minecraft 1996

minecraft 1997

In this last pic, he was creating a log cabin-style porch roof out of campfires (or something). He had to put a bunch of campfires in place which he had to extinguish with water, then mop up the water with some sponges, then delete the sponges, and then it left the log cabin-style roof. I’ll post more pics after we play again.

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