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camscannerI recently had need of a quick scanning app so I could send my brother-in-law his college notes. He had left his notebook home over the weekend, and needed his notes in it to study for a test. My father-in-law asked me to scan them with our flatbed scanner, but a geekier method was top of mind.

Why boot up the dusty ol’ desktop when I have a zippy Android phone right here?

CamScanner to the rescue!

After snapping a few pics of the notes, I was able to quickly email him a single PDF containing 10 pages of notes. AND it was legible…well, as legible as his handwriting is anyway.

My main interest in an app like this is for sharing handwritten meeting notes with coworkers. I’ve been using a Livescribe Pen for a few months and sending the notes to a shared Evernote notebook. The Livescribe pen is very chunky and not the best writing instrument. The main benefit I see with Livescribe is the ability to sync to a desktop application. Whereas using CamScanner requires snapping a picture of handwritten notes after the fact. The extra step is a small price to pay for using a proper pen. (Any fellow pen snobs out there?)

Here are the results from my little document scanning experiment.

Scanned documents in CamScanner


Multi-page document scan using CamScanner


Scanned notebook page from CamScanner

Download at Google Play or iTunes.

For more info on popular document scanner apps, check out this blogpost.

Android Document Scanning App Smackdown

How do you organize and/or synchronize notes in the paper and digital worlds?

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