How to Read More: Combine Kindle and Audible

How to read more with Kindle and Audible

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Life’s fast pace often makes finding time for the simple pleasure of reading a challenge. For years, audiobooks were my go-to. Their convenience, allowing me to enjoy captivating stories while going on walks or driving my car, was unbeatable. However, a recent shift in my reading habits came with the introduction of a Kindle into my literary routine. In this blog post, I’ll share my journey from an exclusive audiobook consumer to a multifaceted reader, exploring the unique advantages that adding a Kindle to the mix brings. By reading on a Kindle and listening to audiobooks using Audible or Libby, I’ve found that my book consumption velocity has doubled.

1. The Audiobook-Only Era

For the longest time reading physical books has been a challenge for me. Sitting still, flipping pages after re-reading the same page three or four times, and chugging through a book at a snail’s pace, audiobooks became my constant companion. The ability to lose myself in stories while out for a walk or driving around running errands was a game-changer. However, limitations emerged, especially in social settings or places where wearing headphones might seem impolite. In the same way that I struggled to find the perfect setting to sit and read a physical book, listening to books also required specific circumstances.

2. The Kindle Advantage

Kindle with Feel Good Productivity book cover displaying

The turning point came when I added a Kindle to my reading routine. Unlike audiobooks, the Kindle provided a silent and unintrusive way to enjoy literature in various settings. No longer confined to solitude, I could read in a room with others without disturbing the peace. The e-ink display ensured a comfortable reading experience without the strain associated with prolonged screen time. Additionally, the Kindle’s ability to adjust to any light setting made it versatile, allowing me to read comfortably in various environments. I’m no longer confined to the one chair in our house that has the perfect overhead lighting. Maybe it’s my penchant for all things tech, but I find it easier to stay focused while reading on a Kindle vs. a physical book.

Kindles come in several models ranging from $100 to $340. After doing quite a bit of research, I found that the features of the most basic $100 Kindle were plenty sufficient for my needs. I even bought my slightly used one for a $20 discount.

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3. Reading Everywhere and Anywhere

The Kindle’s adaptability allowed me to diversify my reading spots. Whether it was a quiet evening with a physical book, a commute filled with an audiobook on Audible or Libby, or a Kindle session in a shared space, each method found its place seamlessly. The Kindle’s portability and adjustable settings made it the perfect choice for reading in environments where other methods might be inconvenient.

4.  Enhanced Social Interaction

Unlike the solitary nature of audiobooks, reading on a Kindle lets me be present in social settings without feeling isolated. It became a delightful experience to enjoy a good book while being aware of my surroundings. The Kindle’s ability to store an entire library in one device meant I always had a vast selection at my fingertips, ready to adapt to any social scenario.

5. Building a Reading Legacy

For a comprehensive list of all the books I’ve enjoyed over the years, head over to Rob’s Reading List. It’s a curated collection spanning various genres and offers insights into my literary journey.

Conclusion: Embracing Versatility for a Richer Reading Experience

The addition of a Kindle to my reading habits has been a revelation. It opened doors to a more versatile and immersive reading experience, allowing me to consume literature without limitations. By incorporating physical books (when no digital option is available), audiobooks, and Kindle reading into my routine, I’ve found a balance that caters to various aspects of my life. For those who, like me, have primarily relied on audiobooks, the Kindle provides a refreshing change, offering a different method of reading that seamlessly integrates into diverse environments. Happy reading, wherever your Kindle takes you!

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