Raised to New Life!

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Our boy made a public profession of his faith in Jesus on June 25, 2017, at Fellowship North . . . or as he calls it “getting babatized.” He recently described God to us using a Pokemon analogy. “God is like all the energies of Pokemon put together except darkness.” That’ll preach, son. That’ll preach.

Watch and listen to how he describes his journey (in his own words with no prompting or coaching from me or Ines).

Nash's Certificate of Baptism

2 thoughts on “Raised to New Life!”

  1. oh my God ines, what amazing priviledge for you and him to step up to be baptized, jijijijiji I admire your strong and firm faith you have had thought to your son, I know we don’t get in contact but you are in my prayers, God keeps blessing your life and family, and continue spreading the word of Jesus, I am listening to your preaches when i get the chance but I enjoy in the Lord as one body in Crist.
    it’s me Sara hermana de Karla in managua hija de la Tia marina.

    1. Sara linda- siempre me acuerdo de vos prima! gracias por leer, escuchar, estar atenta a nuestras aventuras por este medio. Haber bautizado a mi unico hijo, mi hijo amado, es uno de los gozos mas grandes que he tenido en la vida! Si lo viera mi mama, verdad? besitos primita linda!

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